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Class Descriptions
Beginning / Gentle Yoga
A perfect class for the beginner and those desiring a more gentle practice to increase flexibility and decrease stress.  Classes include breath work (pranayama), meditation, joint opening, basic standing and seated poses, and relaxation.
Level I
Poses focus on foundation, alignment, and breath; while building strength, flexibility, and focus. This class introduces Sun Salutations, linking movement with breath.  It includes breath work (pranayama),  joint opening, standing and seated poses, meditation, and relaxation.  Some beginning level yoga experience is recommended.
Level II
This class builds on Level I and holds the poses longer, exploring them in greater depth, and requiring more strength.  It incorporates centering, pranayama, Sun Salutations, vinyasa flowing sequences, alignment and relaxation.
Multi-Level Class
This class is designed to meet the needs, interests, and levels of the students present.  Students are encouraged to move at their own pace with the instructor's guidance.  Some yoga experience recommended.
Preschool Yoga
This introduction to yoga for 4-6 year olds includes creative movement and pretend, games, songs and stories, breath awareness and quiet focus with an element of fun. A quiet gathering space is available for parents during class.
Yoga for 7-10 yr. olds
Children will experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga in a supportive community.  We will use breath work and relaxation practices to find our inner calm, and physical poses to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration and self-confidence. 
Parent/Child Yoga
Have fun doing yoga together! This class will incorporate yoga postures as a playful way to connect with each other. One adult per child is suggested for this interactive class which is designed for 3-6 year olds (although older children may attend). 
Therapeutic Classes and Workshops
Chair Yoga / Moving Toward Mobility Series
This class includes breath work and gentle stretching, strengthening, and balancing exercises using chairs, blankets, bolsters and other props to assist as needed.  Perfect for seniors and those with physical limitations to obtain the health benefits of yoga at a personally appropriate level. 
Restore and More
Gentle movement and stretching, combined with restorative yoga poses and calming breath practices to restore the nervous system, calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. Help counteract the damaging effects of chronic stress and enjoy the delightful gift of relaxation. No yoga experience required.
Restorative Yoga Workshops
Two hours of supported, reclining poses using blankets, bolsters and other props to create deep relaxation.  Restorative yoga calms the nervous system and relieves the effects of stress.  All levels welcome.
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