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Jennifer Gleichauf

Owner / Instructor

RYT 200 (500 hour RYT nearing completion), is the owner and founder of Nurture YogaHer passion is to encourage growth and promote vibrant health and wellness for students of all ages through the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. Jennifer is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner, offering her healing touch to all her students; and she has a Level I certification in iRest, Integrative Restoration Therapy (  She is known for her gentle and restorative yoga practices and for her nurturing spirit.  



Julie Carpenter


Jennifer Gebhart


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RYT 200 - Julie’s personal practice began in 2008 and has supported her throughout difficulties and changes within her own life.  She is passionate about yoga and firmly believes that it is supportive, trans-formative, joyful, and fun.  She believes that yoga is a great way to teach a person that nothing is constant in life but change and the practice a person has today may not necessarily be the practice they have tomorrow.  Julie likes to include balance poses as a way to show students that it is OK to be shaky, to falter, and maybe even to fall, but the ability to smile or laugh and start over again is what's important.  Julie wants her students to have fun during the practice.  She likes to emphasize safe alignment, but also realizes that each body is different, and that each pose will be different in each body.  She is engaging with her students, and provides a supportive environment for the student to explore each pose as it fits their body.  Julie’s core belief is that yoga is a practice, not a perfection; a journey, not a destination.

Jennifer Gebhart is a Registered Yoga Teacher, an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and a Laughter Yoga Leader. She has been teaching Yoga for 10 years. She teaches to many populations with varying abilities including, Yoga for MS, Prenatal, Postnatal, children, seniors, vinyasa flow yoga, HathaYoga, and therapeutic yoga, etc. She has a deep passion for yoga and meditation and the many benefits they have to offer. Her focus is helping people feel better physically, and mentally.


Jill Reyna


Having been a gymnast as a child, Jill Reyna enjoyed the challenges that yoga offered to her flexibility and strength. When she established a regular practice, she realized that yoga was affecting her “off the mat” through increased mindfulness and learning to breathe into a place of calm. After relocating to Columbus in 2013, Jill completed the Yoga Teacher Training Program with Laurel Hodory & Faculty and became certified to teach Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. She enjoys the creativity and play in the practice and believes in the importance of being able to laugh at herself. Her classes offer a break from the chaos of life and an opportunity to connect mind, body and spirit.

Jill holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology (Xavier University) and Nursing (University of Cincinnati) and is certified as a Baby’s First Massage instructor. She enjoys trying new foods, dancing, bicycling, reading and spending time laughing with her husband and three children.


Carol Schubert


Janis Whipple


RYT 200 - Certified by the Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute, Carol has been practicing at Nurture Yoga since 2011.  It was love at first sight.  Nurture is a magical place where peace and good health can be found. 

She is committed to her students becoming more self-aware (she is also a certified Myers Briggs instructor), learning body awareness and breathing techniques that heal and empower.  Breathing helps us focus, lowers the blood pressure, calms the nervous system, helps regulate physical pain and reduces anxiety.  

Her certification is in Hatha yoga.  Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures, however, a class described as Hatha is basically a slow-paced class that includes basic yoga poses, with the emphasis on body alignment rather than flow.


Janis’ favorite quote is “nature does not require that we be perfect, it requires that we grow”. (Liebman)

A certified personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 1995, Janis has made it her mission to guide others to find optimum health through personalized programs.  Oftentimes this has required moving her clients beyond a perceived comfort zone, for that is when growth begins.  When she discovered in 2012 the Nia Technique practice, a mind, body, spirit exercise that teaches us each to move our own body’s way, she knew she had found the vehicle for personal growth that she would be passionate to share with others.  And so she earned her Nia White Belt and is now in her second year of leading Nia.   Janis’ personal testimony comes in sharing how her foot healed following joint fusion in part as a result of the carefully orchestrated, nurturing movements found in Nia.  She is excited to help others find “joy in movement” through this systemic, holistic practice.




Workshop Instructors

Susan Cunningham

Workshop Instructor

Lisa Farrar

Workshop Instructor


Susan’s philosophy is: Be Here, Be Now.

In other words, anything and everything that matters is here and happening else matters.

Susan’s classes are a gentle and creative mix of styles drawn from 18 years of personal practice and explorations into Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, therapeutic and restorative yoga. She recently “retired” from nursing to follow her dream to be a fulltime yoga teacher and currently teaches at Nurture, as well as Ohio State University’s Center for Wellness and Prevention.  Susan pursuing her 500-hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga On High). She has trained with Rodney Yee, Doug Keller, and is inspired by many, many others. She practices Reiki and will soon complete her certification as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist ( ). Susan is excited to use this training to help people recover from injuries and the wear and tear of everyday life. 

Susan and her husband, Steve are originally from Philadelphia but have been passionately adopted by the yoga and cycling communities and now call Columbus home.



My specialty is working with women who struggle with poor digestion, feel overwhelmed by everyday stress and don't really know where to start when it comes to getting their health on track. By working with me, my clients get a personalized, step by step plan that gives them the ability to regain control over their health and be able to maintain their goals, even after we finish working together.  This enables clients to feel better about themselves, have less bloat, lose that extra weight, learn how to manage stress and have more energy on a regular basis.  See more at:




Laurie Gyurko

Workshop Instructor

Joanne Morrissey

Workshop Instructor

Laurie discovered yoga in 2011 and has found it to be the critical path to life balance ever since. She is trained in Level 1 Yoga Nidra meditation and is currently completing her RYT 200 with a focus on Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Laurie meditates daily and is dedicated to finding time for herself to explore nature, creative outlets, and personal wellness activities that help her refuel and maintain balance.

Laurie created The Balancing Owl, LLC ( in 2013 to help other women explore their own need for peace and balance. She hosts wellness retreats & workshops, teaches yoga, hosts a mindful-living book club, and writes a blog based on the everyday challenges of busy women.

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RYT 500 - Joanne is known for her gentle, yet encouraging teaching style.  Her commitment to helping students, both on physical and emotional levels, is evident in her teachings.  Joanne designs individualized programs to relieve stress, physical ailments or address limitations, as well as yoga for athletes, especially runners and golfers.  Meditation and relaxation techniques are presented in her classes.  Visit Joanne's website for additional information.



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