Janis Whipple, Nia Instructor

Janis’ favorite quote is “nature does not require that we be perfect, it requires that we grow”. (Liebman)
A certified personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 1995, Janis has made it her mission to guide others to find optimum health through personalized programs. Oftentimes this has required moving her clients beyond a perceived comfort zone, for that is when growth begins. When she discovered in 2012 the Nia Technique practice, a mind, body, spirit exercise that teaches us each to move our own body’s way, she knew she had found the vehicle for personal growth that she would be passionate to share with others. And so she earned her Nia White Belt and is now in her second year of leading Nia. Janis’ personal testimony comes in sharing how her foot healed following joint fusion in part as a result of the carefully orchestrated, nurturing movements found in Nia. She is excited to help others find “joy in movement” through this systemic, holistic practice.