Julie Carpenter, Instructor

RYT 200 - Julie’s personal practice began in 2008 and has supported her throughout difficulties and changes within her own life. She is passionate about yoga and firmly believes that it is supportive, transformative, joyful, and fun. She believes that yoga is a great way to teach a person that nothing is constant in life but change and the practice a person has today may not necessarily be the practice they have tomorrow. Julie likes to include balance poses as a way to show students that it is OK to be shaky, to falter, and maybe even to fall, but the ability to smile or laugh and start over again is what's important. Julie wants her students to have fun during the practice. She likes to emphasize safe alignment, but also realizes that each body is different, and that each pose will be different in each body. She is engaging with her students, and provides a supportive environment for the student to explore each pose as it fits their body. Julie’s core belief is that yoga is a practice, not a perfection; a journey, not a destination.