Series Classes


Beginner Yoga 4-Week Series with Victoria Dubinsky

Thursdays I February 18 - March 10 I 7:30pm - 8:45pm

Fee: $50

This series of four classes introduces participants to the fundamentals of yoga including breathing (pranayama) and foundation poses (asana). Classes move slowly with attention to the importance of form and foundation of each pose, as well as an introduction to some yoga philosophy. Upon completion, participants will have the skills to participate in weekly classes.

*To hold class, a minimum of 5 participants need to be signed up within 48 hours of first class.

Intro. to Ashtanga 4-Week Community* Series with Angie Byas

Sundays I January  24 - February 14 I 9:00 - 10:15am

Fee: $20 for series or $8 per-class drop-in

This vinyasa-style series will introduce students to Ashtanga Yoga, including basic breathing techniques and instruction on bandhas. Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful practice of a specific sequence of postures linking breath and movement. The first three weeks will focus on key elements of the practice and students will combine everything in week four practice of the Modified Primary Series. Students should have some prior yoga experience and be able to move repeatedly between the floor and standing.

Week One: This week’s practice will include an abbreviated version of the Modified Primary Series where I introduce key concepts such as controlling the flow of energy with our bandhas. Bandhas are energy “locks” within our bodies that can be used to control and direct our energy during practice. Proper use of bandhas also tightens the abs while creating length and internal space in our bodies.

Week Two: This week students will build strength and heat in our practice of a series of Standing Poses from the Primary Series.

Week Three: This week our practice will focus on the Seated Poses from the Primary Series.

Week Four: Students will conclude the series with a complete practice of the Modified Primary Series.

*This is a community class offered at a discounted rate designed to support new teachers.


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